Unattended Children Policy

The library welcomes youth to use its facilities and services. In order to provide for the general welfare of all persons using the library and in order to provide for the general safety of children using the library, responsibility and accountability for the general welfare of any child rests with the parent (or adult guardian or care giver assigned by the parent) and NOT with the library's personnel. The safety of all children left alone in the library is a serious concern.

All children under 13 years of age, at all times must be attended and adequately supervised by an adult. During story times or programs, adults do not have to attend the program with the child, but must remain in the building and must return to the story area by the end of the program.

No public place, including the library, can guarantee the safety of children. Therefore, IT IS REQUIRED THAT CHILDREN UNDER 13 YEARS OF AGE BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT 18 YEARS OR OLDER.

Unattended children who appear lost or frightened will be comforted by the staff. A staff member will try to identify and locate the parents or responsible adult. If the responsible adult cannot be found within 30 minutes, law enforcement officials will be contacted. If children are left unattended at closing time, a staff member will call the parents or care giver. After fifteen minutes, the staff member will contact law enforcement personnel if staff are unable to reach the care givers by telephone. Library staff will NOT drive children home.