Internet Usage Policy

Rules governing use of library computers

Failure to comply with the following rules may result in loss of computer privileges, loss of library privileges and prosecution.

At each log-in, library computer users must complete a click-through agreement acknowledging these rules and must agree to follow the rules.

1. Sign up for an Internet computer before using it; log on using your own library card or guest pass number and promptly give up the computer when your time has elapsed.
2. Promptly give up the computer when requested by staff.
3. You may download files using supported media. The library is not responsible for damage to your media or for corruption of your data, including damage caused by mechanical malfunction or corruption caused by virus or spyware infection while using library computers. Do not attempt to run or execute programs or applications from personal storage media.
4. There is a charge for printing from public computers, except when printing your patron record or Event Finder search results. The charge is posted. You must pay before printing.
5. Privacy screens are available for Internet computers. However, effectiveness of privacy screens is limited. Respect other's privacy by not attempting to observe or comment on what others are viewing. Remain sensitive to the fact that you are working in a public environment shared by people of all ages. Some locations require use of privacy screens by all users. In other locations, privacy screen use may be required at the discretion of the Person in Charge. Use a privacy screen if you are asked to do so.
6. Stop viewing any site that creates a hostile environment for other library users and staff if a staff member asks you to stop, and do not view similar sites when others are present.
7. Use headphones when listening to audio content, and keep volume low so you do not disturb others.
8. As a courtesy to others, log off completely when you are finished with your session. This also protects the privacy of your search. To do this, press the Ctrl-Alt-Del keys, select Log Off, then Log Off again.
9. Do not gather around computers when doing so may obstruct others or create noise that distracts others.
10. Whether or not they are in use, children's computers in all locations are for the exclusive use of children and their accompanying caregivers.
11. Do not use another's identification, bar code or pin number, with or without permission, to sign up or log on to a computer.
12. Do not misuse computer equipment or software.

Misuse includes but is not limited to:

* Viewing material that violates federal, state or local laws or regulations, including those regarding accessing, viewing, printing and distributing obscenity or child pornography
* Hacking into the library computer system or any other computer system
* Mishandling, damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software; tampering with computer settings
* Interfering with system operations, integrity or security
* Attempting to gain or gaining access to another person's files or authorization code
* Displaying or printing materials that violate Multnomah County's policy on sexual harassment.
* Engaging in any activity that is deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment
* Telnetting to outside locations on a Library Resource Computer
* Violating copyright laws and software licensing agreements or the policies of the individual websites that you view
* Failing to pay for printing
* Refusing or ignoring a staff person's request to give up a computer
* Failing to sign up for an Internet computer; failing to log in using your own library card number or guest card number
* Failing to comply with time limits
* Any other violation of the Acceptable Use of the Internet and Library Public Computers statement