General Information

How do I get a library card?

Patrons wishing to receive a library card must complete a library card application. Borrowing privileges are extended to anyone with appropriate identification who lives, owns property, or operates/owns a business in St. Bernard parish.

Adults are required to show current picture identification (i.e. Louisiana Driver's license or State) and proof of current local address or affiliation (i.e. utility bill, lease, pay stub, company ID, etc.)

In order for children to get a library card, their adult parent or guardian must FIRST get their own card. These cards will be linked, and any fines will have to be paid by the adult.


What can I do with my library card?

The library card allows borrowing privileges, in-house computer/internet use, and remote reference database access. Once a card is issued, the patron must present the card to borrow materials and to use the computers.

By signing acceptance of the library card, the patron agrees to be responsible for returning all borrowed materials in a timely manner and in good condition.

When long-overdue materials are replaced by the library, the patron must pay a replacement cost, an overdue fine and a reprocessing fee.

The initial library card is free. The replacement cost is $5.00.

Does my library card expire?

While a library card is good for life, they must be renewed periodically with verification of address and phone number.

If I do not live in St. Bernard Parish, can I get a library card?

East bank Plaquemines parish residents with a up-to-date Louisiana state photo ID with current address can apply for a non-resident library card.

Orleans parish residents with an up-to-date Louisiana state photo ID with current address can apply for COMPUTER-ONLY library card. A COMPUTER-ONLY card allows remote access to reference databases along with computer access. Only electronic media (e-books) can be checked out on this card.

Guests/visitors are allowed computer access without a library card.

What can I borrow with my card?

A new card has a probationary period with restricted privileges:

  • An adult card is allowed 2 books and 2 DVDs (No TV or British DVDs).
  • A student card is allowed 2 books and 2 DVDs (No TV or British DVDs).
  • A child's card is allowed 2 books.

After the probationary period:

  • A resident adult card can borrow 10 books and 6 DVDs. One of these DVDs can be a British DVD -OR- TV series DVD.
  • A student card (16 to 18 years old) can borrow 10 books and 6 DVDs, not to include R-rated items after the probation period.
  • A child's card (3 to 15 years old) can borrow 10 books after the probation period. A child's card cannot borrow DVDs.

A computer-only card can NOT check out any physical library materials, but CAN use the online resources and check out electronic media (e-books).

The library offers "Honor Loans" which have a flexible return date.

How long can I keep the materials checked out?

All items, with the exception of DVDs, can be borrowed for 2 weeks and may be renewed once if there is no request by another patron for the item.  During the summer, books on the school summer reading list also can not be renewed.

DVDs can be borrowed for two weeks and can not be renewed.

Telephone the library at (504) 279-0448 to renew materials or renew online through the "My Account" feature on the website ( with the barcode number on the card and a personal pin. Call the library to get your personal pin number.

What are the late fees on overdue materials?

Overdue charges are 10 cents per day on all items except DVDs and audio books.

Overdue charges on DVDs and audio books are $1.00 per day.

The maximum fine per overdue item is $5.00.

Please note:  Overdue items affect borrowing privileges for ALL members of the household.

No fines are charged for scheduled library system closing or for days the library system is closed due to inclement weather or for an emergency.

Patrons with outstanding fines will be asked to pay at least fifty (50) percent of the money owed before they can check out additional items.  The remaining balance should be paid in full on the next visit.

A book drop at the entrance of the library is available for convenience in returning library materials when the library is not open.  Use of the book drop does not cancel overdue fines.

Is there a charge to Fax?

The charge for fax service is $1.10 plus 10 cents per page. Material that is not the proper size or in poor condition must be photocopied at an additional 10 cents per page.

What is available on the library computers?

All computers have both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers to access the Internet.

Microsoft Word, Publisher, Power Point, Excel and Access are available on the Library computers. All are 2010 or 2013 products.

Is there a time limit on the computers?

Because of the limited number of workstations, time limits will be imposed when demand is high.

The limit during peak periods will be one-half hour.

Is there a charge to print?

Photocopies and black and white printing from a computer are 10 cents per page.

Color printing and photocopies are 50 cents per page.

When and where is wireless Internet access available?

Wireless access is available inside the building during library hours. Access is available in the parking lot close to the library building 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do I need to use the library's Wi-Fi?

A laptop, netbook or other wireless device can access Wi-Fi. The available wireless uses the Wi-Fi "G" standard, also known as IEEE 802.11g. Wireless "N" is currently not available.

If your laptop does not have wireless built in, a Wi-Fi compatible network card or USB plug-in is required for access. The library cannot guarantee that your equipment will work with the library's network.

How do I log on to the library's Wi-Fi?

With the proper equipment, most users can simply bring their wireless-enabled laptop or other wireless device to the library and turn it on. The device will automatically recognize the wireless network. You may have to instruct your device to scan for new wireless providers ("hotspots") to see the library connection, especially for the initial attempt to connect.

Click on SBP Library link to connect to the library's Wi-Fi. On your initial webpage you will see a red library page with the library agreement. You must key in your library card number to gain access. If you are a guest, come to the front desk to get a temporary computer guest pass.

Can I print from my equipment?

Printing is not available via Wi-Fi at this time.

To print, save your work to a disk or USB drive or email files to yourself. Sign up for a library computer and access your files for printing.

Can I use the electrical outlets?

The electrical outlets are limited, so be prepared to use battery power.

Caution: Do not plug into an outlet where you block the aisles, exits or access to materials, or cause a tripping hazard. Do not unplug any library equipment.

Is the information on my wireless device safe while I am connected?

The Wi-Fi connection is not encrypted, therefore, the library wireless connection is not secure. Use caution when transmitting information.

The library is not responsible for identity theft problems, damage to software, hardware or files on equipment connected to the wireless network.

Please keep your electronic devices and all of your personal belongings with you at all times.

Do you offer technical assistance?

Library staff can answer basic questions to help you connect to the library's Wi-Fi, but cannot perform repairs or troubleshoot your equipment. For specific questions about your hardware or software, contact the manufacturer.